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Catering Trailer trading at 2 Market Pitch Burger Van Business £30,000 London

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Country: UK
Region: Greater London
City: London

well established catering business for sale with High Output Showman
Catering Unit trading at 2 busy Markets - one of which with large
sitting area (sitting and tables for about 35 people all included) + a
further 2 pitches where I used to trade and where you might be able to
get in. I am no going there at the moment because I haven't got time due
to personal problems. Also included 6.5 KVA silent diesel generator,
contacts and everything needed to trade. I can give you advice, help,
suggestions and anything you might need to succeed. You buy today and
you start earning cash tomorrow.

High Output Event Master Catering Unit

This trailer is top notch and it will be hard to find something as
good. It has everything you need to make money and you can do any sort
of food with it. We do roast pork, burgers, sausages, bacon, soup and
fried stuff, but you can really do anything with it, even Chinese food
or pizza. All you need is to let your imagination go wild and this
trailer will be there for you.

Gas and electric certification.

Three way opening + door at the back.

Data tagged with three hidden electronic sensors.

Detachable towing bar.

4 brand new tires.

4 wheel clamps.

25 ceiling lights with low consumption bulbs.

About 5 metres long, 2.5 wide and 3.2 high. There is plenty of
room to work on it in several people. It makes a big difference when
it’s busy. At busy times we have worked on it in 4 people comfortably.

Tall fridge/freezer.

Tall drinks fridge with glass door (below zero).

Extra large gas tea urn (about 35 litres).

Two sinks with tap and hot/cold water mixer.

Gas water boiler for the sink (brand new).

Large and attractive menu board with changeable prices.

Heavy duty programmable Sharp cash register with one button
operation. You do not need to enter prices, just press the
“cheeseburger” button and total. It has a large cash tray able to deal
with high volume trade. It is fully programmed, so it’s ready to trade.

Chocolate fountain.

Blender/food processor for milkshakes and other things, like shopping onions and veg.

Professional Argento coffee machine that produces white or black
coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, espresso, etc.
People love the coffee this machine makes and it’s really a business

100 Watt stereo with amplifier, two speakers, tuner, CD and USB
plug to play hours and hours of loud music. Another business magnet.

Flashing blue and red “Open” sign. It really attracts the attention.

Two large griddles; one with two and the other with three large burners.

One large bain marie with one burner.

One Dualit 10 litres soup urn.

Cool chip scuttle.

Large industrial fryer with two large baskets (exactly same baskets as McDonald’s).

5 tall flags.

Boxes, market clips, some stock, utensils and everything needed to trade.

3 gas bottles (Calor Gas) with joined regulators, so you don’t
need to fiddle when the gas finishes: just close one bottle and open the
other and you keep cashing in instead of wasting time turning
everything back on.

2 spare wheels.

1 fire extinguisher.

1 fire blanket.

Plenty of water tanks.

An extendable “A” aluminum ladder.

The trailer is in fair conditions, but it's not a new trailer and it
could use some cosmetic work on the outside. I have never bothered,
because I park it in the street and I do not want it to look nice and
shiny when it’s parked up, as a shiny looking catering unit is a thieve
magnet. If you really must, to make it look like brand new from the
outside it will take about 500 - 700 Pounds.


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