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Catering Van

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Country: UK
Region: Kent
Type of Unit: Hot Food Unit
This beast is a showman’s class mobile kitchen perfect for Events, Street / Market trading OR Weddings & Private Formal Catering. It is able to serve 200 covers in 30 minutes, with the following features:-

Includes HONDA generator built into body locker PLUS 3 X 19Kg LPG Bottles.
Structure Externally:
17.5ft long X 8.5ft wide X 8ft high
Built from (both-sided) Fiberglas insulated board and aluminum cornering & coping on a bespoke 1500mm I-beam welded extended chassis frame.
Suspended ribbed aluminum and glass-fibre top with weather channeling.
Flush-fit double-door (upper and lower) (individual locking)
Cupboard fitted double 19Kg Propane (largest gas bottles X 2) PLUS 1 more 19Kg bottle carried in cradle on lower door (ventilated for leak aeration).
220 Litre built-in Water tank with balance baffles, hose filling access, fill shut-off and overflow & 2nd emergency flow lock-off point. Fitted behind cowl above driver.
1 X removable 30 litre water butt for waste water collection & disposal.
Van-length 15mm to 9mm gas supply copper line with certification.


Structure Internal:
Counter and walls stainless steel cladding.
Floor covering 3mm non-slip, non-stick commercial safety floor vinyl, lime (flecked).
IP56 waterproof switches.
Stainless steel over-head bar shelves covering full length of service flap (for food boxes, cups, etc.)
2 X Stainless steel canopy extractors with dish-washable filters.
4 burner Baumatic cooker
Double door access with keyed security lock.
Stainless steel deep bowl sink with gooseneck faucet on instant hot / cold water supply.
Stainless steel hand wash sink with hot & cold faucets on instant hot / cold water supply.
Hands Stainless steel soap dispenser.
Hand towel dispenser.
"Whale" stainless steel off-surface wall-mounted water-pump. Electrically isolated.
22mm to 15mm wall-mounted water lines from pump for drink water (to Tea Urn).
"Rinnai" 58e LPG Propane water heater with pilot, safe cut-off, flame adjustable.
Stainless steel LPG Propane Tea Urn with level indicator and brass ball-cock (self-filling).
Main gas lock-off on bulkhead near door (emergency exit positioned).
Stainless steel (eye-level) mounted appliance shelf with a microwave and an LPG oven.
Several bulkhead mounted eye-shackles for securing during long drives.
Four-pot stainless steel LPG bainmarie (buffet service)(see HOT).
Mounted box inner ceiling lighting with 12v focus lamps.
Flap located 12v strip lighting
All lighting and water pump operate off of 12 leisure battery setup.


HOT (LPG Propane)
4 pot service LPG bainmarie of 4 by 1/4 GN gastronome servers, adjustable flame level dial, piezo ignition AND gas lock-off safety device with eye-view hole.
Full-Sized castiron griddle with 3 burners
Baumatic Stainless steel LPG four (4) burner commercial cooker.
Eye level Oven (perfect for jacket potatoes).
Stainless steel Double basket deep fat fryer (frying lid with self-igniting piezo pilot, adjustable flame height, flame-failure device & wheel released oil-draining function into steel oil collection can.
30 liter self-filling LPG tea URN with level indicator, adjustable flame height, and flame-failure device. Water plumbed via line and tap and can be free flowed from on-board reservoir OR pumped at the flick of switch.
Archway 4 Burner Full-Height Kebab Machine
Rinni E38 Instant Hot Cold Water Heater.


HOT (Electric)

Stainless Pie / Patty Warmer, illuminated. With adjustable temp and removable trays for cleaning etc.
Chip Scuttle, halogen heated, stainless steel with removable 1/1GN gastronome dish and stainless steel wastage/salt tray. 2 Slot bagel Toaster, HONDA generator built-in (to its own outside cupboard) but exhausts out.



2 X Williams stainless steel under-counter freezers with stainless interior and shelves.
2 by Coke drinks chillers


Health & Safety
The unit is HACCP 5* Rated X 3 Certificates
Onboard first aid and eye-wash kit
1 X Powder Fire Extinguishers
and Fire Blanket



Gas-Safe – Passed
Individual units - Passed
Electrical – Passed
MOT - Just Passed
En’vo Health – Just Passed


Call for additional information and photos on this mobile kitchen at any reasonable time.
FEEL FREE to Call with any questions on 07775800019. Thanks for your interest.
Hope I've said as much as can for now, Cheers all.

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