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Food Catering Bus; Street food bus

Visits: 1999
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Country: UK
Type of Unit: Hot Food Unit

Bus is officially rebuilt and registered as bus with kitchen equipment inside. The bus is in very good condition. The kitchen equipment has stood the test of time and works well. 

The bus is adapted for driving with all of the kitchen equipment and products in it. All of the heavy equipment can be tied down so that nothing can slide around. 

The bus has a low and even floor which makes it ideal for on street catering and private events. Because the clients are on the same level as the person behind the counter. It makes for a friendlier, easier and more comfortable interaction. (When the bus is on the move the floor is raised).

The bus has pneumatic suspension which makes it great for the products being transported as nothing is jumping around neither receives sharp hits even if driving on a bad quality road surface. 

Automatic gear box which makes the acceleration smooth and without any lurching.

Led lighting for the interior and exterior. 

Awning - 4 meters wide; 3 meters long.


  • Professional coffee machine "Faema" with two groups of beverage preparation, max. electricity 5 kW
  • Soft ice cream machine Alwin Star (white, broun and mix), max 2.1 kW

  • Kitchen steam extractor with power regulator, max 200  W

  • Gas contact grill, power 10 kW

  • Gas fryer with oil capacity 20-30 liters, power 10 kW

  • Electric Fryer (for fish, nuggets, chicken wings), max 3 kW

  • Gas crepes put, max power 8 kW

  • Refrigerator / Freezer (500 l) with regulator from +4 to -15'C, it is also a stainless steel table on which stands the contact grill and both french fry makers.

  • Table / counter for food preparation

  • Gas convection oven, max 12 kW

  • Refrigerator +4 to + 10'C and freezer from - 4 to - 25'C

  • Folding extra table / counter on the back of the counter (in the entrance) for salad preparation or other type of work, place for temporary storage

  • Place for 5 propane gas cylinders (27 liters)

  • Sink with pull-out tap

  • Table / counter for food preparation and delivery on the right side of the entrance (rear doors of the bus), removable counter extension at the entrance door. (Place for additional equipment)

  • Water pump with clean water tank 100 liters

  • Drink/ beer cooler with two delivery cocks. Carbon bottle for beer.

  • Tank for dirty water (35 liters)

  • Ice Cream Cocktail Blender, 1 kW

  • Dish shelves above the left side of the french fry makers.

  • Diode lighting in two rows across the working area of the bus

  • Autonomous bus heating on diesel fuel (6-8 kW)

  • and other things

Most of the equipment works on propane gas, therefore the electricity consumption is rather small. In case where all of the equipment running on electricity is used the electric power consumption is about 8 kW.

For going to remoter areas like countryside or private parties, the entry door area is sufficiently large to accommodate a quite large generator (entry door 92 cm wide (36 + inches)).


The bus weighs about 7,5 tons. Full weight can be up to 12 tons.

Year of manufacturing:



495'000 Km = (~307 600 mi)


Many different options can be arranged. Please contact us for more information, mentioning the place you would like to receive it. Local pickup also possible.

In Europe can be delivered for free.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. 

*Note: Some insignificant details (like mileage) are subject to change slightly, because the bus is still being used for both private and public events till it will be sold. 


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