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Piaggio Ape coffee van trailer Astoria 2 lever hand pumped coffee machine

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Country: UK
Region: Hertfordshire
City: Kington
Piaggio Ape Coffee Trailer with an Astoria Gloria AL-2 lever coffee machine. This started life as a Piaggio Ape van with the height extension because standard Piaggio Ape vans are a little low for comfortable operation and will not take the hand lever coffee machines. It has had the cab removed and a tow hitch welded in place many years ago. 
It comes with all the equipment as in frothing jugs, tamper, knock out draw and commercial coffee grinder etc.
It has a door on the side where the gas bottle, water tank and sink all sit.
The coffee machine is an Italian lever manual pull machine which looks much better and creates much more theatre than the push button machines found in some of the coffee vans. The coffee machine runs from a gas bottle (included) and the water fill is hand pumped from beside the coffee machine so no need for any electric. I was going to fit a couple of LED battery lights for any early mornings or winter evenings. It has built in steam frothers and a hot water outlet for teas and hot chocolates.
There are two fold up/down shelves along each side of the van which are ideal for putting sugar and stirrers on and for customers to place their coffee while adding the sugar etc.
It will need recommissioning as it has not been used since we bought it and had been laid up by the previous owner for a while. I have taken the water tank out and put some specialist cleaner through and jet washed inside but the sterilising will need doing again but probably no need to remove the tank again. I have some specialist tank cleaner that will come with the van. The coffee machine will need to be flushed through. We fired it up a while back and all worked well except a leaky group head which now has a new gasket and seal. The other head could probably benefit from a change of seal (although there were no leaks or any issue) and I have a bag of assorted seals and a new water level tube which still needs changing. I also fitted a new pressure gauge as the old one steamed up a bit.  
This coffee trailer is ideal as no need to have road insurance which can be very expensive for the coffee vans.
We actually owned this many years ago and only bought it back as we were moving to a new area and did not have work but soon found employment after renovating our new house so have not used it.
There are no disposable cups as the ones we had were a little old so we were going to buy new ones.
There is a cover to protect it during the winter months although with a previous Piaggio Ape we used to do winter events and Christmas markets. We used to pitch up at many summer events and also had a pitch in the town we used to live in. At events we could easily take £400 to £600 in a short morning and that was in the days when we charged £1.20 for a coffee!
I was planning on fitting a spare gas bottle on the shelf plate on the tow bar as it is a little back heavy (the coffee machine is a heavy item) which would balance it out a little better.
Available to view in Herefordshire near the Welsh border and once purchased just hitch up to your towbar and your away.
Any questions please call Adrian on 07753 355832. If I do not answer it is because I am at work so either leave a message or drop me a text and I will call you back.

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