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Trailers Wanted
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:May 16, 2014
Catering Trailer Wanted
I'm looking for a good catering trailer for selling burgers and hotdogs, anything upto 12 foot long, I would prefer wilkinson Atalanta single axle but anything considered, can pay upto 5000 cash...
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Sep 26, 2013
Mobile food trailer required
I'm looking to start my own mobile food business with a difference. I'm looking to run deli catering trailer both hot and cook foods. Looking for new, refurbished or used unit but in good condition...
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Apr 16, 2013
catering trailer
I am looking to buy a catering traler looking for one up to 1000 don't mind if a little bit of work needed
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Mar 05, 2013
WANTED 12x7 catering trailer  must be all in working condition , and in good condition , no damp or damage. with all fittings for lady  caterer  will accept 10x7  please...
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Feb 02, 2013
Catering Trailer Wanted
looking for a good well looked after unit prefer 10 x 6 must have decent size griddle 4 pot wet baim marie and an lpg oven or and a hob would be good. need a trailer immediately and within...
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Feb 01, 2013
I am looking at starting a chinese takeout business, in Nairobi, Kenya. I would preffer a 10X6, but 8X6 would be fine, wilkinson or AJC. Something taken care of well. Ready to ship it out in a...
Price: 2,850
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Jan 24, 2013
trailer for sale with towing vehicle

lovely catering trailer for sale  plus mitsubishi shogun with tachograph in great condition . custom made wood cladded front panelling . only been used a few times in 2012

Price: 16,000
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Jan 13, 2013

CATERING Pitch being offered on a Market held every Tuesday throughout the year from 7am till 3pm.The market has Royal Charter and has been trading for over 25 years.The selection of stalls...

Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Oct 14, 2012
cake catering trailer
Hello I am looking for a large trailer that has as many ovens as possible as I am looking to bake cakes and such for events a 6 ring hob would be good as well but griddles are not needed washing...
Price: 0
Category:Trailers Wanted Added:Oct 11, 2012
catering trailer
im after a catering trailer to start up my own business. must include all utensils etc. im on a budget around 1000. also im after a pitch in the west midlands area.
Price: 0

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